The Nigerian Based TOP Christian Dancer

On The Gospel Train Radio Florida

The Nigerian Based TOP Christian Dancer, Dubbed as the dancing Prophet has been highly recognized and AWARDED as the “MOST OUTSTANDING CHRISTIAN DANCER GLOBALLY”.

This official Prestigious AWARD is bestowed upon the life of Minister Emmanuel Joseph by “The Gospel Train Florida in the United States of America”.

Dancing Prophet Emmanuel Joseph better know “DANCE PROPHET” or Robot dancing Evangelist an a avid football player has gracefully dance his way On the International musical platforms as he strongly demonstrated the power of God ministering Number one hit Song “AMAZING GOD” and “HALLELUJAH TO JESUS”, with over one hundred thousands views within 14 days.

Because of the Grace of God upon Joseph life “AMAZING GOD” and “HALLELUJAH TO JESUS” is trending within the continents of Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe, North America and South America.

On behalf of my Boss/ Manager and Team, we are extremely grateful for the special Anointing upon the life of young Joseph. May the Lord Continues to ELEVATES your dancing Ministry for Jesus beyond your expectations. May your days be long and the light of Jesus takes you into higher height and deeper depth in Christ.

“The Gospel Train Musical Industry”.
I am your Gospel Radio Announcer Bishop Shane Paisley, ( DR SHANE FROM GOSPEL TRAIN FLORIDA 🇺🇸) WWW.BSPMEM.ORG


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