What you should know about Bishop Shane Paisley

Bishop Dr. Shane O. Paisley

Is a God’s General, Gospel Legendary and Global Intercessor Dr. Bishop Shane Orlando Paisley is a Caribbean Gospel recording Artist, Author, Rhymester, Inspired gospel song writer, Ghost writer, Movie Star and philanthropist.
He was born in the year 1974 in the Island’s of the Caribbean of Jamaica. His parents are Mrs. Verona Sewell –Brown and the late Mr. Vincent Paisley. He is married and lives in Florida, the United States of America.

Dr. Bishop Paisley achieved his early childhood Education at the Hamilton Mountain Basic School, the Jack River Primary School and the Oracabessa Comprehensive High.
He studied at the Great Commission School of Mission and Evangelism in Nassau Bahamas, with Apostle W. Hanchell and his wife Elder Minalee Hanchell where he was graduated as an instructor for the Evangelism Explosion a program from the Carol Ridge School of Ministry in Ft Lauderdale Florida, United States of America where founder is the late Dr. Kennedy.

At the tender age twenty to age twenty three, he was a full-time Missionary at the Great Commission Ministries and affiliated at the People Assembly Church in Nassau, The Bahamas.
Throughout those three years of Mission and Evangelism to the Bahamas, Dr. Bishop Paisley has served throughout the nations of the Bahamas within the prison ministry, school ministry, door-to-door evangelism, counseling, helping distributing food and clothing to the underprivileged. He commenced serving as a young full-time Missionary Globally since the tender age Twenty (20) until age twenty three (23).

God moved greatly within the Turks and Caicos Islands. This I know was destiny and or divinely orchestrated as Years earlier, I would receive visions and dreams from The Lord about this Island. As a matter of fact, if I was to recalled, it was in a vision that I first learnt and heard the name Turks and Caicos.
However, not knowing where and if this place existed I started to inquire by asking a few people, if they knew of a place by that name of course they were not aware of the Island either. So I decided to ask my Travel Agent, who confirmed that this Island did existed.

At age 28 the Lord has released him to travel globally in Mission and Evangelism throughout the Caribbean, United States of America and the United Kingdom as a World field Evangelist under the “Bible Church of God” situated within the Turks and Caicos Island. With founder the late Bishop Dr. U. A Morris and Pastor Dr. H. Morris He were ordained as a member of the clergy. 
 Dr. Bishop Paisley worked as a full-time Missionary in the United Kingdom, has helped to pioneered “Deliverance Power Ministry” in Nottingham England.
Afterwards the Lord  led him to his own Country Jamaica West Indies, where he pioneer within the parish of  St Ann’s Bay “Faith City Outreach Ministries” that is presently in operation over fifteen years. 

The Lord then directed Dr. Bishop Paisley again to full-time Missionary where he preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the nation of the earth. He has pioneered “Faith City” Miami Florida and in Palm Bay Florida, Holly Wood Florida and the Turks and Caicos Island. He also helps to pioneer “Gathering the end time harvest”, in the City of Pomona Valley, California, United States of America.
In the past he served as Minister under the “International Faith Christian Fellowship” with Dr. Bishop Evan Grant in the City of Ft Lauderdale, Florida United States of America.  He also hosted his Gospel shows on W.A.V.S Radio with the B.S.N. Gospel in Davie Florida, United States of America.

Dr. Bishop Paisley is also a song writer and a Gospel singing artiste with hit songs “I will rise again” and “All over me” He is the star in two Christian movies”Prepared for war” and “I will rise again”.
He also is the author for Christian Books “Talk to me”, Fire in my bones”, “Women standing in the gap” “When Zion Travails”, “Shane on mission for Christ” and tow published editions of “Abba Father Magazine”.
 He is the founder and President for the intercontinental International Magazine “Abba Father”. He is also the founder and the President for “Agape Unique Production” a company that produces Greeting Cards and Bookmark.
Dr. Bishop Shane Paisley is now a Board Officer and an ordained Bishop within the Dioceses of the “Tree of Life Church of God” with Bishop Collen Delancy in the Island Turks and Caicos Island. B. W. I.

In the past he made an appearance on “Trinity Broadcast Network“(TBN), into Hollywood Florida. He also in the past aired program “Watch God Work” every Sunday evening at five post meridiem (5pm) on “People Network Television’s”  P.TV in the Turks and Caicos Island.
In the past he had served as the President for “Greater Faith City Cathedral INC.” and “The International Prayer Center of America” in Hollywood Florida   U. S. A.
He also hosted in the past the live Broadcast program “The curriculum of the anointing” on the WAVS 1170 AM every Wednesday Nights from 11pm until 12 midnight.

Dr. Bishop Paisley has received his Honorary Doctorate in Missiology, from the “Glad tiding Ministries Inc” Fort Lauderdale Florida, United States of America. This is a title that is well earned from a life- time of theoretic and practical Mission and Evangelism for the past twenty years of Dr. Bishop Shane Orlando Paisley.
In all due respect, with all of the Accolades, titles and offices that has bestowed upon Dr. Paisley hard years of labor within the ministry; the name that’s bring joy to his life is when he is called, “Jesus, big bouncy baby boy”, by those who know him closely.
Dr. Paisley is no non-sense man of God, who skillfully in knowing how to dissect the Word of God with deep revelation knowledge. He a visionary who operates heavily within realms of the Apostolic Prophetic, anointing. He is a radical tongues and spiritual interpreter of the heavenly language.
He is now mastering the International Gospel Music Industry Globally with hit Songs such as: 1. Amazing God. 2. Hallelujah to Jesus, 3. Help is on the Way, 4. There is hope, 5. Speak to me Lord, 6. We are covered under the Blood, 7. Good is good, 8. It’s Already Confirmed, 9. A called to prayer.

Dr. Paisley carries a Spirit of humility, yet is can activates unyielding approached. Currently, He is the Founder and General Overseer for “All Nation Prayers Inc”, “Faith City Prayer Center Inc”, Bishop Shane Paisley Mission and Evangelism Inc, he also operate Global Online Radio “The Gospel Train Radio Network 2819 and “Christlook” a Global Online Christian Social media’s platform in Palm Bay Florida, Unite States of America.

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